Quality objectives

Quality objectives

  Comply with legal requirements, current legislation and other requirements to which THN Paraguay S.A will adhere.

  Prioritize safety, workers' health and environmental care by identifying, evaluating and minimizing the risks of labor incidents and environmental harm.

  Communicate the integrated management policy to staff and to all interested parties who require it. It is the task of the management to support and review said policy.

  Develop a sustainable relationship with suppliers in search of technical and economic optimization based on respect for the environment and safe work.

  Make rational use of resources, properly manage waste and control emissions, with the aim of preventing and / or minimizing environmental pollution.

  Train and raise awareness among our own staff and contractors to ensure that they carry out their activities in a safe, environmentally responsible manner in compliance with established quality requirements.

  Carry out a responsible financial management, as our investment, growth and responsiveness to contingencies depend on it.