World Best Wire Harness Components System.

Even though THN has a short history for about 20 years, it has become an enterprise of middle standing. Our technical developments and efforts came to fruition. Our company takes pride in itself as the best company for the wire harness business. The head office of the company is located in Daegu city, Sungseo dong industrial complex, and secondary office (JSN) for other products tries hard to research new technologies.

THN is committed to producing high quality components that meet or exceed the performance specifications for our customers' products. THN awarded ISO 9001, QS9000, and Quality 5-star, the Single PPM. With these efforts, we became the listed company and were recognized in and out of countries. We secured the technical cooperation of Furukawa in Japan. Trainees are detached at Furukawa to learn new technologies and the most advanced engineering technologies for this 21st century.

THN will face to the people who love our company and the great vision for the 21st century. So, please give us advices and encouragement.

Globalization and continuous innovation are considered our raison of being, pursuing them in harmony with our people, our shareholders, subcontractors and our strategic partners around the world.

  Management System, National and Global, Integrated.

  Development and Effective Management of Productivity & Quality.

  Development of a Steady and Future-Oriented Management System.

Corporate information



Achieve excellence in our Products..

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Continuously improve the efficiency of our quality system and environment.


Respect the safety rules ensuring the integrity of employees.

Technical maintenance

Provide technical support and solutions to other sectors of the company.

Human Resources

Ensure optimal performance of your employees.s.

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Seek technological innovation in our projects.


To train, to investigate and to develop new techniques will always be the pillars of our growth.


Keep quality, safety and environmental certifications current.

Our people

(Human talent management)

About us


THN Paraguay founded on May 23, 2014