Message from the CEO


Message from the CEO

The World Best Wire Harness Components System.

Since its founding in 1986, THN has been one of the companies specializing in the automatic production of leading components in Korea. Striving for the growth of the automobile industry and the nation's economy. Their products range from wiring harnesses to the junction box for cars

In Korea, THN is the first successful company in junction box manufacture. Leaders in the automotive sector such as Equus, Santa-Fe and Tucson are equipped with the same. In addition, CAN Module Trans-comunication was successfully developed through cooperative work between the R & D sectors of Kyungpook National University and our Institution.

On the other hand, we have obtained formal praise from the President of Korea for our excellent harmonious relationship with his management in 2004. We have also achieved the award for Individual Innovation in Quality PPM, proposed by the Prime Minister of the nation in 2002

We have actively participated and adopted some advanced business innovation tools such as PPM Individual, VE, 6-Sigma, Division Task Group and R & D DFSS. For the development of new technologies and management, we invest heavily in the education of human resources and give value to the development of benchmarking experiences, considering national and foreign leading companies.

We are currently prioritizing investments in the development of new technologies in order to continue our leadership role in the 21st century and maintain our reputation as one of the world's leading technology companies. In addition, our THN team in all corners of the world provides the necessary quality and timely delivery with cost-efficiency and customer satisfaction.

THN will continue to take on the challenges and responsibilities to create added value in society and raise the level of technical development in general.

The permanent change of the future environment is our main mission, which we will develop in harmony with our team of Collaborators, Shareholders, Subcontractors and Strategic Partners in general.

We are committed to all of the above, with your interest and support.

Thank you very much